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Be Be Special Skin Whitening Skin Cream

The BE BE Special Cream is a herbal whitening skin cream made 100%  from plants.

It is very successful at removing stains caused by various reasons.

If your skin has uneven pigmentation at some areas and you want to improve the situation, our skin whitening cream is the right solution.

The skin will remain soft and nourished with vitamins. It is a natural moisturizer as well.

It is particularly effective at reducing melanin production, stimulates cell renewal and improves skin’s natural exfoliation.

Do you suffer from uneven skin? Is acne your challenge?

You wish you could show the real you in pictures? Without fine lines and freckles?

If your skin has uneven pigmentation at some areas and you want to improve, our skin whitening cream is the right solution. The skin will remain soft and nourished with vitamins. It is a moisturizer as well.

It is particularly effective at reducing melanin production, stimulates cell renewal and improves skin’s natural exfoliation. Is made from plants 100% and it’s dermatological safe.

Facts about our skin

Skin Pigmentation

When a person has skin pigmentation the skin can vary in tone. Skin melanin determines the color which can be light or dark. Melanin is a pigment and its amount tells the skin tone. Hereditary factors can play an important role here.

Many consider that skin pigmentation is not a problem at all. The difference with other skin is minimal and they just do not pay attention to it. But there are some circumstances and involve skin pigmentation and it is better not to ignore these changes in the body as they may be signs of serious health problems.


Melasma is a skin pigmentation that brings to hyperpigmented skin spots. From which women generally suffer more. Face, arms and neck can be covered with darker areas after too much exposure to the sun. But the sun is not the only cause. Sometimes these spots appear as a result of hormonal changes. Precisely for this reason pregnant women often suffer from the problem. This is a concern for 50% of women during pregnancy.

Speaking about the skin pigmentation problems, it is worth mentioning solar lentigo disorder. Spots caused by this condition are also called liver spots or age spots. Exposure to the sun is the main cause of solar lentigo, which is revealed by big freckles and can be discovered in any place that was exposed to sunlight for a long time. That means that these spots appear on arms face, and neck more frequently.


Melasma is a common skin pigmentation condition that causes brown to gray-brown patches, which usually appear on the face. Cheeks, bridge of nose, forehead, chin and upper lip are places where melasma is likely to form. It can also develop on the forearms and neck.

Most melasma occurs mostly, 90%, in women.  Only 10% of those affected are men. People with darker skin tones, including those of Latin, Asian, Indian, Middle East, Mediterranean and North African descent, tend to have melasma more than others.”

Causes of Skin Pigmentation

There may be different causes of skin pigmentation. Skin pigmentation frequently has to do with sun damage, but this condition can be caused by other things, too. Among the most obvious are hormonal changes, inflammation, medical preparations, etc.

It is hard to understand why skin pigmentation appears. Melanin is a pigment that colorizes the skin. The more a person has, the darker the skin is. Melanin is generated in the melanocytes, which acts like a sunscreen, guarding your skin against ultraviolet rays.

A lot of melanin is produced in the body, it is the cause of skin pigmentation. Extra melanin is revealed through spots of a darker color than the rest of the skin. If the person has freckles or some other dark spots, melanin increases them in size or adds more color to these spots making them more contrasting.

For the second cause of skin pigmentation, it is also widespread and refers to inflammation something that always happens with skin that has been damaged in this or that way. When damage is caused and there is a burning or a cut, the wound is not to blame for skin pigmentation, but the healing procedure is when it takes place to close the wound. It makes the skin darker in that place. This is a kind of post-inflammatory skin disorder and if the wound is closed already it may look like a scar. When a person suffers from the lack of vitamins or has metabolic problems are also revealed through skin pigmentation.

Medical treatment can also be a cause of skin pigmentation, especially when the treatment involves some hormonal changes in the body. These preparations include antiarrhythmics, antibiotics, antiepileptic, antimalarial medical preparations etc.

Prevent skin pigmentation

Despite the fact that skin pigmentation can be cured, the best choice is to prevent skin pigmentation in advance. It is possible to reduce the risk of getting skin pigmentation if you avoid being in the sun. You must be exposed to the sun, use sunscreen with sun protector factor to protect your skin. It applies even if the day seems cloudy for you and when it rains. Ultra-violet rays can cause harm even in such circumstances, and the sun can bring harm when you least expect it all.

To pay adequate attention to clothing too as it should protect skin from exposure to the sun and help prevent skin pigmentation. The sleeves should be long, do not forget to put on a hat. Choose clothes darker and heavier in texture to protect the skin the best way possible. When you have to spend much time outdoors, these conditions are a must.

Skin whitening

Sometimes skin pigmentation disappears without any measures taken. Such things are possible when the pregnancy period is over when the woman does not take hormonal pills anymore. If the skin pigmentation remained after the initial causes were removed, it is time to consider the proper treatment like skin whitening creams. With right medical approach can get rid of skin pigmentation.

There are special skin whitening remedies. Hydroquinone is usually an active component contained in the skin whitening creams. It is a frequently applied skin whitening agent. The well-known hydroquinone may cause severe irritation or redness and itching of the skin, especially for the consumer suffering from any allergic skin. In the case of irritation or skin color change to darker tone after use of a skin whitening cream, you should contact your doctor without delay.

Skin whitening creams with herbal components can be more effective and less dangerous if we compare them with chemical preparations and chemical peel methods.

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