Rice Milk with Collagen Soap

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    Smooth skin
  • Exfoliates skin
  • Made in Thailand
  • Coral collagen
  • No chemicals


Asantee Rice Milk + Collagen & Honey plus soap is manufactured in Thailand. Asantee are a world reknowned high quality soap and beauty products manufacturer.

      All ingredients used in their products are fresh and locally grown. Coconut oil although very expensive worldwide,grows in abundance in the Thai climate so is used as a plentiful resource. The same goes with the Rice Milk & coral collagen. No fake chemical substitutes are added. The results of this all natural soap is a far superior lather and cleansing experience. Asantee Soaps are double packed and sealed for freshness and a long shelf life.

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1 review for Rice Milk with Collagen Soap

  1. Paige Nguyen

    I tried it and it works well, but we will see in some months

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